Chemoproteomics + Automation Dual Driver Platform

Expand Target Space Accelerate Drug Discovery

Proprietary Probe Library

A Probe for Every Protein, LeadArt has established a unique and growing active probe library (>4000), and invented the world's first automated platform for chemical proteomics. By combining cutting-edge biotechnology and advanced automation technology, LeadArt is aspired to speed up the exploration of the whole human proteome and discover active probes for most of the 20,000 human proteins. For the first time in the world, LeadArt is building the largest and high-quality protein-probe binding database in the world, and accelerating the drug discovery for more than 3,000 undruggable or difficult-to-drug targets. More details

Target Identification

LeadArt established state-of-art photoaffinity labeled chemical proteomics (PAL-AfBPP) technology platform and built robust protocols to obtain high quality data. LeadArt PAL-AfBPP technology is a universal tool to study the mechanism of action of drugs in the human living cell system: map the complicated drug-protein interactions, reveal the potential drug target, discover the drug-protein binding sites, predict potential on-target or off-target toxicity, identify novel targets for new indications. LeadArt PAL-AfBPP technology does not require labeling or modification of the proteins, leaving proteins in their natural state, and could enrich low abundance proteins. It provides a breakthrough solution for the research on undruggable or difficult-to-drug targets. More details

Drug Screening in Live Cells

LeadArt PAL-AfBPP technology allows drug screening performed in human live cells. For almost all target of interest, LeadArt could develop a customized high-throughput drug screening platform. Especially for targets that difficult to be isolated as active form, with no crystal structure available, no known binding sites, or has protein-protein interaction mechanism, LeadArt could design protocols compatible with current high-throughput facility to perform drug screening living cell model. Inquiries