Chemoproteomics + Automation Dual Drive Platform

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Proprietary Probe Library

A Probe for Every Protein.
Human proteins play a pivotal role in health and disease, and chemical probes are crucial in studying protein functions and their relationship with diseases. However, less than 10% of human proteins have chemical probes meeting minimal standards. LeadArt has established a unique and growing library of active probes, including 4,000+ photoreactive probes and 300+ covalent probes, and continues to innovate in probe types and development technologies.

Leveraging advanced automation technology, LeadArt is on a mission to collect large-scale human protein-probe interaction data, aiming to label over 15,000 human proteins. This effort will provide the tools and data foundation for the drug discovery for more than undeveloped 4,000 protein targets.
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Target Identification

Chemoproteomics is an important technology for studying the interactions between proteins and drugs in living cells, crucial for a deep understanding of the complexity of biological systems, disease mechanisms, and the discovery of new drugs. We specialized in advanced Photoaffinity Labeling – Affinity-Based Protein Profiling (PAL-AfBPP) and Activity-Based Protein Profiling (ABPP) techniques, which allow us to explore potential targets of active molecules,protein drug interaction networks in living cells, and binding site information.

Chemoproteomics can reveal the mechanisms of action of active molecules, binding sites, allosteric sites, off-targets, and potential targets of new indications. This provides a groundbreaking approach for studying challenging targets, particularly targets of complex mechanisms such as protein-protein interactions.
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In Vivo Drug Screening

Drug screening is one of the key steps in drug discovery. However, traditional in vitro screening methods based on purified proteins do not reflect the complex cellular environment, phenotypic screening do not reveal the mechanism of actions, and most undruggable and challenging targets are currently not amenable to purification.

We offer a live cell-based high throughput drug screening solution for almost all challenging and difficult-to-study targets. Using photoaffinity probes to label the target and ligands as competition, we could obtain quantitative affinity signals of the ligands. This enables high-throughput drug screening against almost any targets within a live cell model, and does not require the isolation and purification of target proteins.
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Automated Chemoproteomics

We have developed an automated sample preparation equipment for chemoproteomics, achieving full automation from cell culture, drug incubation, protein extraction, peptide purification, to proteomic samples. Each set of equipment can prepare over 20,000 samples annually, which is equivalent to the output of 100 technicians. Our automated chemoproteomics sample preparation service is designed for efficient collection of large scale protein-drug interaction database.

Automation speeds up sample preparation, enhances accuracy, and reduces human error, ensuring the precision of research. With our service, researchers can focus more on analysis and discovery rather than on the tedious preparation work. Our service brings the convenience to the research field, helping scientists explore the mysteries of life. Join us as we venture into new realms of life sciences.
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