About us
Company Profile

LeadArt Technologies is a venture capital-backed biotechnology company focusing on chemical proteomics and automation technology. LeadArt is the first automatic and intelligent drug target discovery and drug discovery platform in the world.  The human body has more than 20,000 different types of proteins whose expression and distribution are closely related to human health.  However, we still have a poor understanding of the protein functions:

  * only ~700 proteins are well understood and approved by FDA or other agencies in the world;

  * Less than 10% of the proteins have meaningful chemical probes;

  * More than 4000 proteins are estimated to be potential drug targets.

In an era of the explosive development of life science and technology, we believe there are tremendous opportunities to have a comprehensive understanding of human protein functions.  LeadArt Technologies is aspired to lead the disruptive innovation in the drug target discovery field by creating new tools with advanced science and technology. We believe there are profound changes and breakthroughs ahead of us.  We are determined to be a strong player in improving human health.

Leadership Team
  • Dr. Feng Ni
    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Professor at Ningbo University, Executive Dean of the Institute of Drug Discovery Technology, 
    10+ years of R&D experience in chemical biology, previously Senior Scientist at University of Southern California, PhD at Xiamen University

  • Dr. Yufeng Zhao
    Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

    Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, More than 30 years of experience in chemical biology research and drug discovery, Dean of the Institute of New Drug Technology, Ningbo University, Professors of Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Zhengzhou University

  • Jie Yan
    Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

    14 years + of drug development experiences in the biopharma industry including Amgen and Lexicon Pharmaceuticals in the USA, Co-founder of BioSpark Group in the USA. MS of Iowa State University, Candidate of Doctor of Engineering of Tsinghua University

  • Dr. Jiaming He
    Chief Engineer, Founder of Keyone Biomedical

    20+ years of R&D experience in IT & AI projects, Research and development of biomedical medical automation equipment, Master and Ph.D. of Zhejiang University, Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

Advisory Team

President of BioVinc USA, former director of the Procter & Gamble's drug research and development department in US, with complete drug development process experience, world authority in phosphorus chemistry

Chief Scientific Officer of Guangdong Dongyangguang Pharmaceutical, National Distinguished Expert, Professor of Ningbo University, Former Senior Scientist of the Medicinal Chemistry Department of Amgen

Professor of Singapore National Unversity, Computational Biology, Computer Aided Drug Design and Bioinformatics Authority

Director of the Medical Development Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of CUHK, 10+ years of research experience in cancer clinical treatment, Director of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Cancer Research

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor of Ningbo University School of Medicine, Neurological Disease Scientist of Los Angeles Medical College of UC, Chairman of Zhejiang Anti-Aging Association, Director of Ningbo Key Laboratory of Neurological Disease Research

Professor of the Medical Center of the University of Texas Medical School, Chairman of the International Scleroderma Association, Director of the German Rheumatology Laboratory, Distinguished Professor of the School of Life Sciences, Fudan University

Professor of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Director of Shanghai Quansheng Biopharmaceuticals, Cell Technology Research and Application Technology

Project Software Director of Eastern Communications, General Manager of Zhejiang Wasu New Media Division, 10+ years of experience in system architecture code review

Dean of Department of Information College of Ningbo University, Scholar of Concordia University, Canada, Reliability Scholar of Qatar University, System Reliability, Testing and Verification