Salicylic Acid Active Compounds LibraryTarget Probe+
Salicylic Acid Active Compounds Library Target Probe+
Product Name Cat. No. Compounds Size (10 mM in Pre-dissolved in DMSO )
Salicylic Acid Compounds Screening Library Target Probe+ LA-005 Active Compounds 17
M Series 25
C Series  48
96-well plates
10 μL/well, 20 μL/well,  or 100 μL/well

  Salicylates (Salicylates) drugs include aspirin and sodium salicylate (Sodium Salicylate), etc., due to its strong irritation, salicylic acid itself is only used as an antifungal and keratolytic agent.  
  The library contains 17 salicylic acid compounds, and its M+C series derivatives have reached 73. It provides more competitive and comprehensive drug screening for scientific circles and institutions interested in salicylic acid series drug screening models.



Figure 1 The related diseases of salicylic acid compounds


Table 2 Examples of known drug targets of salicylic acid

Carbonic anhydrase 1/2/3/5A/5B/7/9/12/13/14 Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 1 Sodium-dependent noradrenaline transporter Sodium-dependent serotonin transporter
Sodium- and chloride-dependent glycine transporter 1/2 (by homology) Sodium-dependent dopamine transporter Sodium-dependent proline transporter (by homology) Sodium- and chloride-dependent neutral and basic amino acid transporter B(0+) (by homology)