In-Vivo Target Response Analysis Platform (INTRAPTM)

       LeadArt INTRAPTM technology is an in-vivo binding assay designed to measure the interaction between a ligand and its target protein via a specifically designed probe. This assay is suitable for high throughput screening (HTS) of chemical ligands used in food, dietary supplements, or pharmaceuticals for various protein targets. 
       Probe for almost any protein target could be discovered from LeadArt’s proprietary probe library or created utilizing known ligands of the target. The probe will specifically bind to the target and can be detected through various readout e. g., fluorescence. These probes will be valuable for screening compounds that can interfere with the binding between the probes and their target proteins within live cells. 
       The INTRAPTM technology eliminates the need for protein modification or purification and can be applied in various live system including cell lines, primary cells and organoids models et al.

Application for Drug Screening
INTRAPTM High Throughput Screening for Protein Targets

INTRAPTM vs Other Drug Screening Platforms

Current INTRAPTM Projects within LeadArt