Drug Screening Library
Drug Screening Library Target Probe+

Drug Screening Library Probe+ is the world's first commercially available chemical probe library for both target identification and drug screening. 
Unlike traditional active compound libraries for drug screening, the Probe+  Library includes not only biological or pharmacological active small molecules, but also structural modified derivative compounds, such M series (methylated derivatives) and C series (derivatives with specially designed short-chain structure)
Drug Screening Library Probe+ provides exciting new opportunity to screen biological active molecules against your preferred targets. It could be readily used in traditional high-throughput screening (HTS) and high-content screening (HCS).  
Once you identified hit compounds using the Probe+  Library, we could also provide the P series molecules to further understand the biology of the protein target and assist the drug discovery and optimization process, including molecules and target binding, imaging analysis of the intracellular localization of the target, qualitative and quantitative mass spectrometry identification of the target, and further verification of the target of interest. 
The Drug Screening Library Probe+ includes active compounds, M series, and C series. The P series is available by request.

Active molecule Modification purpose Structure example
M Series Active Derivatives; competitive probe
C Series Active Derivatives; competitive probe
P Series Target Identification