Proprietary probe library
 A Probe for Every Protein

     Chemical probes are fundamental tools for studying drug mechanisms and conducting drug screenings. LeadArt has designed and established a library of over 4,000 photoaffinity active probes, along with more than 300 ABPP (Activity-Based Protein Profiling) probes, capable of labeling over 12,000 human protein targets.The design of the probe library is based on active scaffolds of approved drugs or drug-like molecules, with activities covering a wide range of diseases such as cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and metabolic diseases. The probes also exhibit a broad spectrum in terms of physicochemical properties and structural diversity.

      We are actively seeking collaborations in target-probe binding data collection and drug discovery. Collaborators can inquire about existing or customizable molecular scaffold structures in the our probe library through the link provided below. We can also design probes according to the needs of our collaborators. 

Entering Probe Library Database
Disease Areas Linked to Probe Scaffold

Probe Design & Properties