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Call for Talents
  • Scientist - Molecular Biology (1-2 candidates)

    Minimum: master's Degree Experience:3 ~ 4 years Delivery Guide

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Build a biological analysis platform based on Elisa, qPCR and NGS sequencing technology
    2. Responsible for the design of conjugations of protein-protein, protein-drug molecule, nucleic acid-protein, nucleic acid-drug molecule, etc.;
    3. Responsible for the processing of biological analysis data and the writing of standardized reports
    4. Timely coordinate and solve the possible problems in the experiment process, grasp the project test schedule, and timely complete the project work assigned by the superior.
    5. Train employees on relevant knowledge and skills.


    1. Master degree or above in molecular biology, cell biology, Bioengineering or related field;
    2. Proficient in molecular biology experimental techniques and operation, master PCR primer design, DNA sequence analysis and other skills, and can independently carry out PCR, protein extraction, Western blot and other experiments;
    3. Experience in fluorescence quantitative PCR analysis or NGS gene sequencing is preferred;
    4. Work experience related to biological macromolecules or antibody drugs is preferred;
    5. Strong ability to analyze and solve problems, able to independently solve various problems in the test;
    6. Conscientious and responsible in work, active and have strong experience in project management and team management;
    7. Strong willingness and ability to learn new knowledge and technology.

    Salary: Negotiable

    Work Location: Ningbo-Zhenhai Qidi Science Park

  • Financial Officer. - Two days off

    Minimum:Undergraduate Experience:3 ~ 4 years Delivery Guide

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Assisted the company in making annual business plan, conducted budget management according to the business plan, and rationally allocated resources;

    2. Developed the functions and work plans of the financial department, managed the daily work of the financial department, and was responsible for the recruitment, cultivation and assessment of the financial team;

    3. Organize annual financial accounts;

    4. Established the company's financial internal control system, drafted the company's financial system, and consolidated the accounting basis and standardized;

    5. Established the company's accounting system, reviewed the statements and daily accounting affairs;

    6. Established the company's capital plan, and was responsible for the preparation, reception and delivery of financing due diligence data;

    7. Responsible for reviewing contracts and financial expenses;

    8. Responsible for the company's asset management, and organized regular account checking and inventory;

    9. Assisted the management to communicate and report to the Board of directors, and prepared financial reporting materials;

    10. Reviewed tax declaration data and managed the company's tax-related risks according to tax policies;

    11. Maintain good communication relationship with banks, tax bureau, foreign exchange administration and other regulatory agencies;

    12. Regularly carry out business analysis, participate in product pricing, and provide management with reference suggestions for business decisions;

    13. Other work assigned by the management of the company.


    1. Aged 28-32, economics major, bachelor degree or above, intermediate accountant title or above.

    2. At least 5 years working experience in manufacturing cost accounting, financial management experience in biomedicine industry is preferred.

    3. Excellent integration of industry and finance, outstanding ability to promote business development through financial management.

    4. Excellent financial team training ability.

    5. Excellent ability in cost management, risk control and financial analysis.

    6. Excellent organization, coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to work under great pressure.

    Company Advantages:

    1. 8-hour working system, two weekends off, less overtime, 10% provident fund, salary settlement month.

    2. Catering subsidies, floating paid annual leave, annual performance bonus, equity option incentive.

    Salary: Negotiable

    Work Location: Ningbo-Zhenhai Qidi Science Park